Wellbeing Enhancement

Our Wellbeing Enhancement program focuses on addressing and closing the gaps within the social determinants of health for people. We’re dedicated to helping those become the best versions of themselves by addressing their mind, body, and spirit needs. We seek to improve the whole person’s wellbeing holistically, one need at a time.

Whether mental, physical, financial, spiritual, or socioeconomic health, we’re assembling local hometown partners to create a Circle of Friends that support these needs.

Importance of Well-Being

Well-being is vital because it affects every aspect of life, including health, happiness, productivity, relationships, and overall quality of life. It represents a comprehensive view of health that extends beyond physical wellness to include mental, emotional, and social health. When an individual’s well-being is high, they are more likely to be physically healthy, perform well at work or school, and maintain positive relationships. It also builds resilience, helping individuals to cope better with stress and bounce back from adversities. Conversely, poor well-being can lead to physical and mental health problems, reduce productivity, and negatively affect relationships. Furthermore, societal well-being contributes to a more harmonious and productive community, as people with high levels of well-being are more likely to engage in positive societal behaviors, such as volunteering and voting. Thus, fostering well-being is not just important for individuals but also for the health, prosperity, and cohesiveness of communities and societies.

Well-Being Coordination

Addressing the well-being needs of another person requires a multi-faceted approach.

Our Well-Being Coordinators (aka case managers) start by meeting with our friends in need to establish a trusting and open relationship where the person feels comfortable expressing their needs and concerns. A mentor is brought in early into the relationship who will help encourage, guide, and coach the person to greater well-being as they partner to craft and follow a very specific plan to address unmet needs.